My work began as an unquenchable curiosity focused on how to assemble sculptural vignettes of the human condition. Time has offered the fine tuning on how to articulate these visual accounts. In turn this initiated an exploration on how to economize Mother Nature’s resources.

I continued my work based on the realization that this economization is paying homage to the people who have used the materials before me. Supplied with a dedication to quality, I have combined both – curiosity and exploration – with the allegories entombed within my materials, with an emphasis on the importance of providing evidence on how to conserve and preserve our planet for all creatures.

Through an assortment of maquettes, fabrication documents, sketches, drawings, paintings, and public works.

I have created sculptures in three categories:
• Electro-mechanical work which employs the use of efficient sources of light
• Kinetic work which shows that wind can be harnessed and utilized effectively
• Static work which explores green sustainable living

These 3 types of work suggest that harmony between man and nature is achieved through renewability and sustainability which will safeguard available resources for posterity.

My work serves as a catalyst to explore the following questions:
How can art benefit the environment and vice versa?
What is sustainability?
How do we edify ourselves and the populace?
What practices do we need to adopt?
How do we adapt to these?

The exchange of art and the environment will open the door on how these practices will synergistically address energy concerns with environmental preservation and a vast range of ecological issues. This discourse will help establish a dialogue designed to be embraced between artists, environmentalists from various backgrounds and disciplines, as well as the public at large.

My latest series in progess entitled “Wrapped” is the storehouse which amasses my memories both open and private coupled with the memories of those of whom that have used the material before. As a strict practice I collect material drops from manufacturers in order to continue to pay my respect for those that have used and or shaped the material that has and continues to serve its intended purpose. After compressing these objects, they are wrapped and entombed within the material salvaged from the manufacturers. The completed piece is a wealth of life that celebrates many. This united work continues in addressing my mantra “Economizing Mother Nature’s resources by sustainability”. Upon further consideration this work is the culmination of my early work as an observer of the human condition that stores proofs that are now combined with my willingness to integrate within our society.