Emerging from the influences of academic and cultural idioms, my appetite for my own aesthetic vocabulary compelled me to explore the canon of artwork in Europe and Latin America. Early in my career I executed numerous public mural works in Texas and California, and created assemblages that transformed cannibalized computer parts into social statements. Since the beginning of this journey I have recognized the importance of investing in the best tools and the least expensive materials, usually found objects. This learned economy has fostered the discovery of and conviction in the importance of saving resources through reuse and renewal. Recovering discarded objects reinforces sustainability. The reassembled sculptures pay homage to those who have worked before me with the materials I reclaim and provide evidence of my conviction that it is possible to create a spiritual balance between infrastructure and nature.

Portrait of the artist By Gary M. Perkins Photography
08 05 2008

Portrait of the artist By Kevin G. Saunders Photography
07 24 2016