Oxidized steel, stainless steel / 9” x 4” x 8” / 2013 private collection


This is a maquette…for a farming community that has been recently incorporated. Since Fabrication and installation exceeded the budget threshold this sculpture was not realized. This work of art pays tribute to the farmers for their commitment to the land and to our sustenance; It bespeaks of the beginning as farmers broke the fallow land with a plow and human toil and the journey to the present of how this labor has not only produced a thriving city but has supported other communities by providing food. The beam of the plow is created from oxidized steel which conveys a beginning of Iron and the back is cladded in stainless steel that expresses the contemporary sophistication that has been brought by sweat and forethought. The base is where the plows landslide and moldboard also cladded in stainless steel are deeply rooted into the earth symbolic of the strength that supports the world through nutrition. The Sphere atop of the plows long beam represents the strength and support offered mother earth’s inhabitants.

Steel, stone / 22” x 22” x 12” / artist collection

Bus Stop


Stainless steel / 25” x 9” x 19” / private collection

Silver Flame

Stainless steel / 22” x 8” x 8" diameter / private collection

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