By incorporating the environment and interviewing the local populous in accord with integrating sustainability further ensures us preservation and conservation for posterity. This coordination will help shape a work of art that will provoke thought about the delicate balance between man and nature.

Galvanized steel, stainless steel, oxidized steel, wind turbine, water pump, water / Location: John Igo Branch Library / Collection: San Antonio Public Art / Date completed: 2007 / 50’ varied x 9” x9” / Published in: The New Earthworks: Art Action Agency 2008


A kinetic sculpture incorporating a functional wind turbine, generates hydraulic energy to help power John Igo Branch Library. The work was selected for its ability to respond to the building's educational and environmental concerns. Incorporating a contemporary windmill turbine, as well as a working abstracted interpretation of a historical windmill. Elements was created to be functional, to harness wind energy to power the windmill's pump and to demonstrate resources for research. The turbine harvests power from intermittent wind sources to produce electric power. That electricity powers a water pump circulating water through a channel flowing into the library's entrance area and back to a reservoir. The waterway ties the tall sculptural forms to the building which incorporates recycled building materials and solar elements and its grounds. Elements has combined energy concerns, animal habitat preservation and other ecological issues without altering the library's theme of conservation.

Epoxy, galvanized a-36 steel, stainless steel, fire extinguisher / 72” x 78” x 45” / 2009 San Antonio Museum of Art (SAMA)


Fire extinguisher is early twentieth century, which I reclaimed at Ashley Salvage here in San Antonio. I often combine disparate objects and materials into a single piece. In this case, I combined the fire extinguisher with other reclaimed objects from the salvage yard: rectangular tube and a blowout prevention ring (an industrial metal gasket, the application of which prevents explosions in oilfields). Removing the wheels from the fire extinguisher and using them as a separate element in the sculpture gave it a more playful quality, while still referencing industrial infrastructure and paying homage to those who put that infrastructure in place. The piece could be described as a welded assemblage, finally galvanized and finished with complementary colors of industrial epoxy coating.

Stainless steel / 96” x 16” x 16” / Fire station # 17 / 2007 Collection Corpus Christi Public Art

Flame Silver

Series serves as a reminder of my respect for firefighters who risk their lives daily to save life, limb, and property. They are created through an ardent response by striking the hot metal in order to shape the flames that celebrate the lives which have and continue to be touched by these brave men and women.

Oxidized steel / 96” x 96” x 36” / 2009 Primrose properties Bhil Haus Arts San Antonio


This piece is from the Homage Series pays that pays tribute to all that have designed and continue to build the American landscape coupled with the minimization of mans impact on the environmental. This coupling demonstrates that now is the time that art promotes the conservation of resources and the preservation of our environment while encouraging urban growth.

Powder covered steel / 56” x 72” x 48” / 2009 UTSA Engineering building Collection: University of Texas at San Antonio


As I became involved with public art, I found myself inspired by the workers who have formed the public backbone of our communities. The Homage Series pays tribute to firefighters and peace officers for their dedication and sacrifice; to farmers for their commitment to the land and to our sustenance; and to the vast numbers of steelworkers – welders, ironworkers, road and bridge builders who constructed the American infrastructure we enjoy today – for their dedication to their trades.

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