0244 flour Chute

Our perception is that for some life is extra light for others extra heavy duty
For many of us we can balance betwixt each boundary
Ne’er imagined that a shelf set on end and a chute set cocked-eyed
Would come to stand tall and fast willing to yield / at times bend or dented forcefully
Life’s so short yet too long nonetheless extended enough to reflect over mistakes and regrets
These tools that many have used sweating while baking our bread
Filler that continues our lives buying the time to correct and mend
I’ve wrapped this monument putting away the past allowing the errors to effervesce
A foundation for starting anew becoming the anchor for reinventing myself
A firm footing that pushed me forward with a light of heart

0244 flour Chute / Stainless steel / 115” x 42” x 18” / 2016 / Artist collection

0111 Café

Discovered twin multi-gallon Grindmaster
Sustainable maker Refused continuation
Readied urn Smashed twisted crushed forgotten
Vended for peanuts destined for annihilation lain disposed
Nary whisper nor tears of dark liquid stirred
Seemingly old and wrinkled I saw its beauty
Stored memories roared of life perked and steamed
I imagined a soft gentle song telling of all it had served
Stories that whet my cup of fanciful thoughts
I reminisced my youth busboy washer cook waiter
I carried it wholly
Gentle draping made of fabrication drops too small to serve
But together encased my love and Soul

0111 Café / glass bead blasted stainless steel / 44” x 17” x 15” / 2016 Artist collection

0242 Robot RX

As pharmacist manually located meds
A McKesson Robot substituted pharmacist
Less choices more happiness
Pharmacist redeployed as consultants to physicians
A practice of efficiency and productivity
Work Flow dispensing oral solids
Prepackaged and a bar code
A conversation betwixt and between
Pharmacist Doctor Patient Mechanism
An endeavor to patch up the ill
The memory a recorded drive
Stores memorials and sadly at times a memoriam
I wrapped this electromechanical device that holds memoirs
I’ve left you a glimpse of lifetimes and mortality

0242 Robot RX / Steel stainless steel, McKesson Pharmaceutical Robot RX / 104” x 18” x 34” / 2016 Artist collection

0243 Robot Conveyor

Innocence started with a phone call
From Wayne with the Metropolitan Methodist Hospital
To Rich a complexity scientist who seeks answers to living adaptable changeable systems
To me who seeks answers of my observations
Ultimately I was offered a Pharmaceutical Robot
Avenging sculptor lifts a ton of parts compresses into a bail
Positions tall to stand the test of time as man’s intimate reprisal
Collapsing under its own weight conveyed the original path
Paying my respects to those of whom that have used this robot
Innocence of the machine that helped patients, doctors and pharmacists
This verse begins with the embrace of two dissimilar considerations
Reclaiming food grade stainless steel conveyor belts from a bakery
The greeting of a robot and belts that bespeak of the interaction
The conglomeration of two machines serving man
Emerging as the trinity that becomes the everlasting chronicle
Sarcophagus for memories of our intrinsic will to survive live and thrive
In the end this singularity encapsulates our soul

0243 Robot Conveyor / Stainless steel, stainless steel robot components / 146” x 42” x 19” / 2016 Artist collection

0113 Johnson

Delicate gauge of stainless long as Johnson grass
Summoned my childhood
Soft spoken Mie recalling Sogetsu-ryu
Earth wind and water hold seas of grass
These pastures hold Floating cows
Ingesting producing sweet milk and fragrant butter
Buttery hot sourdough bread
Grownup I live in this city with St Augustine
Cuboids of butter galvanized with waxed paper
Loaves of bread borne in 44” stainless bowels
Delivered on belts
I celebrate my fondness for early years of healthful sustenance
Recognizing this here and now as continuance.

0113 Johnson / shown 1-5 / Stainless steel, clear coated oxidized steel / Maximum varied dimensions 44” x 12” x 12” / 2016 Artist collection